About Us

“Possibilities & Partnerships Since 1961”

Who are we at TASOK? We are over 30 nationalities, at least 6 religions, and a rich mixture of races. We share together the tradition of a school that has offered a US education in the heart of Africa since 1961. We are the caretakers of 42 acres of gardens and forest in a huge African city. We are a green campus in every sense, dedicated to saving energy and building in harmony with our environment. We reach out to the greater community, see the possibilities for change and seek the partnerships to make change for the good of the whole.

TASOK graduates and every student who spends time in our learning community are affected by attending school in this place. We have some of the most active, loyal alumni in the world. We are TASOK, unique, enduring, and always awake to possibilities for improving ourselves and our world.