Board of Directors

School Governance

TASOK is organized under the TASOK Association Constitution which was last amended in November, 2017. TASOK is governed by an elected school board of 7 members and the option of 2 appointed members by the board. All TASOK parents and all full time faculty are members of The American School of Kinshasa Association and are eligible to vote. Elected School Board members serve two-year terms. Each Board member is elected to a specific position on the Board. Candidates must choose and run for one specific position: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, US Government Representative, Missionary Representative, or Member at Large. In addition the Board includes two ex-officio, non-voting members: the US Ambassador’s Representative, and the TASOK Director.

The role of the board as outlined in the TASOK constitution:
1. The TASOK board is entrusted with the responsibility for the oversight and success of the school.
2. The TASOK board hires, supervises and advises the Director.
3. The TASOK board is entrusted with responsibility for overseeing the management of all school finances.
4. The TASOK board provides the mission and overall direction for the school.

TASOK Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

  • Name

    Scott Shannon, President
    Debbie Gueye, Vice President
    Inaya Younes Tarhini, Treasurer
    Ronald Wietecha, Secretary
    William Hall, US Government Rep
    Jocelyn Frey, Missionary Representative
    Berthollet Bwira, Member at Large
    Yolonda Kerney, US Ambassador Representative
    Simon Gillespie, Director
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