Elementary School

The TASOK Elementary learning program is founded in the belief that every person is born with a sense of pleasure in exploration and a spirit of delight in discovery through play, and that the best learning occurs when children feel that they are known, that their ideas are heard, their hopes are honored, and their perceptions are validated.

When you walk on the TASOK elementary campus you will witness a learning-focused school with a vibrant community of friends. The elementary learning program is child-responsive, flexible, and adaptive to meet the needs and engage the spirit and mind of every child. Through differentiated instruction tailored to meet the needs of each student and by offering student choice, the curriculum assists children in identifying who they are as learners. Understanding how they learn best leads students towards taking ownership of their own learning. We would like to invite you to explore the tabs on the left to gain a better understanding of the “elementary experience”.

Dustin Collins

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